Promoting the sport of Lacrosse by providing youth coed lacrosse programs and activities in the Verona Wisconsin area for grades 3 through high school.

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 Register a Player

 Performed By 

 Registered Member or Parent/Guardian

 Tab Name

 "Register Online" or "Register Now"


It is recommended to use Chrome to complete the registration.  Before beginning, gather player shirt/short size, insurance, and physician information.

Registration Questions?

Program Questions?  Go to (age groups, forms, uniforms, etc.)

Still Stuck?


Online Registration Process:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in if you participated in a prior VLC event.  If new to the program, skip to the next step.
  3. Click REGISTER NOW (right side) or REGISTER ONLINE (left side) to begin the registration process.
  4. Select applicable registration program (High School, Youth Boys or Youth Girls)
    1. If not sure of applicable program, go to to view age groupings.
    2. Find the applicable program, and click Register, then click Continue on the next page
    3. NEW:  If you did not sign in under (b) above, you will be asked to create an account.
    4. ALREADY LOGGED IN: This is a great opportunity to review your existing contact information.  If you signed in under (b) above, the next page will list the eligible players for this registration program.
      1. Click on EACH Guardian name and EACH Player Name.  Review address, email, and phone information.  Make necessary changes.  Also, make sure “Do Not Email” is NOT checked. 
      2. Add any additional Guardians or Other contacts you want on the account.  These are only individuals who should receive ongoing correspondence about the season, games, practices, etc.
      3. Modify any privacy settings for contacts (Public, Private, Roster – just click on the ? to understand options)
    5. Click SUBMIT.  If you don’t have a US Lacrosse membership or if your membership expires before 7/31/18, you will be redirected to the US Lacrosse site to join or renew your membership at a cost of $30 for youth and $35 for high school players.  This fee is separate from the VLC season registration fees.
    6. You will then be redirected to the VLC site to complete the registration process.
    7. Complete the online form, which will consist of several sections
      1. T-shirt/uniform sizing
      2. Emergency contact information
      3. Player medical information and allergies
      4. Insurance information and Emergency Treatment Response
      5. Scholarship contributions (choose to contribute toward VLC’s scholarship fund, which offers financial assistance to families that endure a financial hardship).  Amounts elected (if any) will be added to registration fees.
      6. Volunteer form (identify how you anticipate to complete your volunteer hours – this is used for planning only).  See for details.
        1. There is a new volunteer policy this year.  Families are asked to contribute 8 hours for one registered player, 12 hours for two registered players, and 16 hours for three or more registered players. 
        2. Families will be asked to submit a volunteer deposit check of $200 for one player, $300 for two players, and $400 for three or more players at the start of the season.  The check is a deposit only and will be returned/shredded upon completion of the applicable volunteer hours.
        3. Families who do not want to volunteer can elect a buyout in the same amounts at the start of the season.
        4. HIGH SCHOOL ONLY.  You will have the option at the end of the form to elect to receive college recruiting information.  You can make a selection at this time, and modify it at a later date by Editing your Account


Other Registration Forms:

  • Remaining VLC Forms:  Refer to your confirmation for remaining registration forms.  There are different forms for both youth and high school, which are available via a link in your confirmation or at in the Document Library (left menu).
  • VAHS Registration Process (High School only):  High school players must also complete the necessary VAHS athletic registration.  Refer to your confirmation for additional details on this process.


Helpful Hints for your Editing your Account:

  1. Not getting emails?  Go to Edit My Account, click on your name or hover over it to bring up your contact information.  Make sure “Do Not Email” is not checked.
  2. Want to add another contact?  Go to Edit My Account and click Add Guardian.
  3. More information available at, Instructions Tab